A Wee Chat with… Phat Mike

So, spill the beans, who’s behind Phat Mikes?

Just two hardworking Glaswegians who are passionate about quality in what they do.

We are fans of food, art, music, clothes and having a good time and we feel Phat Mikes encompasses that.

Phat Mikes Hot Sauce

Glasgow isn’t exactly famous for our local chilli harvest, so what got you into making hot sauce?

An accident! Our original plan was to jump straight into pop-ups but people got interested in a collaboration we did with Smokey Trotters and started asking for our sauce… pretty much snowballed from there.

People love it which is amazing to hear, doesn’t matter how many times someone tells you they enjoy it – it gives you a wee buzz.

Credit: Curse These Eyes for Phat Mikes Hot Sauce

You’ve got a pop-up at Scran this month which a lot of folk on Instagram are absolutely buzzing about! What kind of grub can we expect from the Phat Chef?

Great flavours and ideas done well!

We love fried chicken and we love hot sauce. Simple food with big flavours and no bullshit.

Who doesn’t love fried chicken? The best thing about fried chicken is that it takes on whatever flavours you decide to hit it with.

That’s why we go big on the flavour!

We’ve also put together a playlist of music that has inspired the menu for you to listen to while you eat.

Credit: Curse These Eyes for Phat Mikes Hot Sauce

The Big Poppa burger looks right up my street but what’s the one dish that you’re most looking forward to people trying?


We just want people to love it and be passionate about it. We’re really excited to hear what people think about the dishes.

This is what I would order… Wu Wings, The Shiznit, Kraken tenders and Benny’s buffalo fries.

I think no matter what you order you’ll have a great experience and you’ll be looking out for our next takeover.

Credit: Curse These Eyes for Phat Mikes Hot Sauce

Growing your stockists, a restaurant takeover and even a cheeky craft beer in the pipeline… not bad for the year the world shut down!

But what does 2021 and a less chaotic business landscape hold for Phat Mike?

How’d you hear about this craft beer….that’s classified!

Growth and collaboration. More stockists, more kitchen takeovers, more exciting and interesting products.

We want to keep working and collaborating with local businesses helping each other progress.

We’re not competing against anyone other than ourselves.

We simply want to make everything we do better each time and to help people we work with achieve what they want to achieve.

Credit: Curse These Eyes for Phat Mikes Hot Sauce

You’ve got 24 hours in a post-vaccine Glasgow and an unlimited budget. Describe your perfect day for us!

For breakfast, I’m going to Scran for Stornoway poached eggs with a wee strawberry Rapscallion soda to wash it down.

Then I’m going to go to The Griphouse to get some training in and work up an appetite for lunch.

I’ll probably swing by Raindogs for a fresh cut before I grab a quick hot chocolate from Eusebi Deli to walk through Kelvingrove Park with.

For lunch, I’m getting a filthy Smokey Trotters burger… the classic with bacon!

I’ll walk that off with a wander through the Kelvingrove Art Gallery or the Riverside Museum with my headphones on.

To finish off my day I’m going to stick my glad rags on and hit up somewhere really nice like Cail Bruich or The Spanish Butcher.

Then, I’m going to collapse!

Credit: Curse These Eyes for Phat Mikes Hot Sauce

Finally, where can people find your hot sauce and grab any remaining tickets for the Scran takeover?

You can pick our sauce up from:

  • Scran
  • Billingtons of Lenzie
  • Paul’s Fine Foods
  • Wholefood Kirkintilloch
  • Barnhill Farmshop
  • Roasted Strathaven

Or by sliding into Phat Mike’s DMs on Instagram.

To grab tickets for Phat Mike’s SCRAN takeover on Sunday, 13th December, click here https://guestli.st/669567

Phat Mikes Hot Sauce


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