Charlie’s Chopper – Glasgow Craft Rum!

Charlie’s Chopper – a new Raspberry Spiced Rum by Jacobite Spirits!

When an attachment labelled “Charlie’s Chopper” hit the I Love Glasgow inbox, we obviously proceeded with some trepidation.

However, minds firmly removed from the gutter, we were delighted to read about another Glasgow distillery making inroads into the craft drinks market.

The Jacobite Spirit Company is a local start-up craft distillery, creating homegrown, hand-crafted rum from the ground up.

It’s the classic tale of eight local lads who went from sharing a few tinnies at the weekend, to launching a local rum distillery together. As you do!

Proud of their Glaswegian roots, The Jacobite Spirit Company want to help put Scottish rum on the map and having sampled their latest elixir we’re sure they’ve created a recipe for success.

The limited-edition, Charlie’s Chopper Raspberry Spiced Rum, has a fresh, cranachan-flavoured taste profile based on the classic Scottish dessert.

“Both our rums are themed with a twist of irreverence. We believe our brands, as well as the drinks themselves, ought to have a personality that stands out.”

Like their original offering, The 45 Scottish Spiced Rum, Charlie’s Chopper is a premium product, hand-crafted from scratch at their Glasgow distillery.

Charlie's Chopper Scottish Spiced Rum
Charlie’s Chopper Scottish Spiced Rum

Cranachan was traditionally made to mark the joy of the harvest – which fitted their plan to create a drink that inspired positive feelings and celebration.

Jacobite Spirits’ master distiller Tony Stapleton has worked with great care on balancing the vibrance of fresh raspberries with subtle hints of vanilla and the richness of toasted oats.

“We wanted to take on the challenge of bringing another flavour of Scotland into our spiced rum. Cranachan quickly became our inspiration, with its delicious, sweet taste and tradition of celebration.”

Support a local start-up and reinvigorate your taste buds!

If you’re all ginned out after a summer of lockdown tipples, why not try something new for autumn and get yourself a bottle of this warming, vibrant and flavourful Scottish rum?

It’s jam-packed with ripe raspberry notes and offers a perfectly refreshing gin alternative when mixed with a crisp elderflower tonic.

Charlie's Chopper Scottish Spiced Rum
Charlie’s Chopper Scottish Spiced Rum


Perfect serves: 

Refreshing and fruity with elderflower tonic

The floral hints of elderflower accentuate the simple sweetness of the raspberry and turns this into a sophisticated drink that’s easy to recreate at home or when you are out in a bar.

Taste the rum with club soda

If you want to really taste the rum, there’s nothing better than a simple club soda. The sparkles help to release our spices and the raspberry overtones without it being overly sweet.  

Neat, in a cocktail… or, choose your own!

Open the bottle to unleash a celebration on your taste buds – a fruity and versatile finish with the attitude to stand out on its own or partnered in a perfect cocktail serve.

Other suggestions:

  • Sparkling apple juice
  • Craft cola

Grab a bottle at jacobitespirits.com


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