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Charlie’s Chopper – Glasgow Craft Rum!

Charlie’s Chopper - a new Raspberry Spiced Rum by Jacobite Spirits! When an attachment labelled “Charlie’s Chopper” hit the I Love Glasgow inbox, we obviously...

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    Pizza? Hell Yeah!

    Glasgow’s best pizza is a hot topic right now. The big chains are getting carved up by Glasgow’s independent pizza joints and it’s about bloody time too! We’re all about supporting local, independent businesses here at I Love Glasgow and the pizza boom is one that definitely has our backing.

    To add fuel to the big foodie debate, here are 12 of our favourite pizza joints:

    Mozza – 39 Renfield Street

    Mozza Pizza

    Last year Mozza introduced ‘Maradona Month’, to mark 30 years since Napoli won the Italian title. During which, punters were offered Coke and a pizza for £5.

    Needless to say, wee Diego would have been left pretty disappointed at being handed a glass of cola. Especially after eyeing up the big bag of white powder on the table. He may, however, have been brought round after tasting their authentic Neapolitan pizza. Wood-fired to perfection in only 60 seconds!

    Pizza East – 575 Duke Street

    Pizza East
    Pizza East

    BYOB and pizzas that are a match for any in the city. Even if you’re not a Dennistoun local, grab a carry-out and jump a cab over to Pizza East for a great munch that won’t break the bank. Fantastic value and exceptionally tasty pizza.

    CC’s Wood Fired Pizza Pie Company – 685 Clarkston Road


    CC’s became Glasgow’s first authentic wood-fired pizza takeaway when they opened in 2011. Their delicious handmade pizzas have gained the NHS Scotland supported Healthy Living Award. To give that some context, a 12″ margherita from CC’s contains almost half the calories of an 11.5″ from Domino’s. Which means you can order the Joey special without feeling guilty!

    Joey Two Pizzas

    Paesano – 94 Miller Street

    Paesano Pizza

    Since opening in 2015, it seems Paesano have had a never-ending queue of pizza lovers knocking at their door. With huge numbers wanting a slice of the action, you’d expect a long wait but unsurprisingly pizza fired at 500 degrees doesn’t take very long to cook. Before you know it, you’ll be stuffing your face and instantly understanding what all the hype is about.

    Amore – Ingram Street

    Amore Pizza
    Amore Pizza

    When a moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s Amore! When the world seems to shine like you’ve had too much wine, that’s Amore! Bells will ring ting-a-ling-a-ling, ting-a-ling-a-ling, and you’ll sing, “gies a pizza!”

    One of Glasgow’s most popular Italian restaurants and, of course, their freshly baked pizzas are top-notch.

    Basta – 561 Dumbarton Road

    Basta Pizza
    BASTA Pizza

    We’re hazarding an uneducated guess that BASTA took their name from the noise you make when you bite into a molten hot slice of pizza.

    So that’s probably not true, but what is 100% fact is that BASTA is one of Glasgow’s real hidden gems. Sure a pizzaiolo in Naples may have dropped his peel upon hearing about cullen skink pizza. But this “disco pizza bar” is adding a bit of fun into this almost sacrosanct dough, which is increasingly being taken way too seriously. So put your disco shoes on and embrace the new world order. ‘Mon ya BASTA!

    Baffo – 1377 Argyle Street

    Pizza Baffo

    Rustic Italian pizza with a perfect view of the beautiful Kelvingrove Art Gallery. Order a cold birra and bag a seat near the window. If you’re lucky enough to visit on a sunny day, you can watch the gallery glow in the sunshine. Just look out for the neon moustache and you’ll have found your pizza paradise.

    Bier Halle – 9 Gordon Street

    Bier Halle

    Before Neapolitan style pizza took over the city, Glasgow craved the crunch of Bier Halle’s legendary hangover killing pizzas. The home of 2 for 1 pizza – you’ve just got to hope they stay true to their roots. Neapolitan may be the new favourite but we love Bier Halle’s unique style with their kick-ass crispy crusts.

    ORO – 85 Kilmarnock Road

    ORO Pizza

    ORO is Italian for gold, which makes a lot of sense when you cast your eyes on their impressive gold leaf covered pizza oven. Formerly Bella Napoli, ORO is still owned and operated by the Crolla family. So you can expect the same quality of service and produce that kept this Italian eatery thriving through the many peaks and troughs of Shawlands’ dining scene.

    Pizza Punks – 90 St Vincent Street


    Join the Pizza Punk revolution and get stuck into one of their artisan sourdough pizzas.

    For £10 you can “punk up your pizza”, choosing everything from the base, to the sauce, to the cheese and unlimited toppings! Keep it classic, or go rogue with irn-bru pulled pork, homemade doner, or drown it in gooey mac ‘n’ cheese.

    Fancy going off-piste?

    Eusebi’s Deli – 152 Park Road

    Eusebi's Deli
    Eusebi’s Deli

    Well do it with a pinsa. That’s right, what you’re looking at isn’t pizza, they’re Eusebi’s famous pinsa. They have a lighter, airier crust than pizza and are said to be easier to digest. Dating back to Roman times, the word pizza is said to derive from pinsa, which comes from the Latin “pinsere”, meaning “to squash or pinch”. So, you know, you can bore your friends with that useless information whilst scoffing one of these ancient delicacies.

    Nonna Gina’s – 54 – 55 Ayr Road

    Nonna Gina's Pizza Burger
    Nonna Gina’s

    Pizza or burger? It’s always a tough choice between the two, but not at Nonna Gina’s. They’ve married two of the greatest handheld foods and made one epic pizza burger.

    A cooked beef burger, baked calzone-style in pizza dough filled with Napoli sauce and mozzarella, then crowned with your favourite toppings. Hangover be gone!

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