Romans Pizzeria – 100 Free Pizzas!

Romans Pizzeria

No carbs before Marbs? Well, look away now and maybe have a word with yourself while you’re at it.

For the rest of you sensible people, we have two beautiful words for you… sweet pizzas!

That right, at Romans Pizzeria in the Merchant City, their pizzas now come in both savoury and sweet varieties. And to celebrate the launch of their new dessert menu, they’re giving away 100 pizzas to eager diners hoping to grab a slice of the action.

Get yourself along to Romans Pizzeria on Wednesday (23rd May) to get your hands on one of these drool-worthy sweet pizzas.

Reese's Pizza
Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Pizza with milk & dark chocolate, salted peanuts & peanut butter dressing
Rocky Road Pizza
Rocky Road pizza with layers of chocolate cream cheese, dark, milk & white chocolate, marshmallows & chocolate sauce
Banana stuffed crust pizza
Banana stuffed crust pizza with candied biscuit spread, whipped cream, toffee gelato & caramel sauce
Apple Pie Pizza
Slow baked apple pie pizza with caramel sauce & vanilla gelato
Roasted pineapple pizza
Roasted pineapple with figs, blue cheese, pineapple & chilli syrup pizza
Oreo Pizza
Smashed Oreos, whipped cream, chocolate sauce & condensed milk
  • When? Wednesday, 23rd May from 12 noon.
  • Where? Romans Pizzeria, 26 Candleriggs, Merchant City.

The first 100 pizzas will be free. One allowed per customer, sit in only. You can choose a savoury or sweet pizza and purchase more if you’re feeling extra peckish.

Romans Pizzeria
Romans Pizzeria

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