Put your money where your heart is…

Put your £ where your ❤️ is…

Support local businesses in Glasgow

Please, support local businesses in Glasgow and help to save thousands of jobs!

Has your local supermarket been cleared out of bread and pasta? Guess what? Your local newsagent probably hasn’t.

Your local butcher shop hasn’t had swarms of people scrambling through the doors, fighting over sausages. So go there instead. It’s safer than the supermarket and they’ll appreciate your custom.

Think before you go into a chain to spend your cash. Could you go to the independent business next door who will value your custom more?

Has your favourite restaurant had to close temporarily? Well, go onto their website and buy a gift voucher to use when they open their doors again.

Posing with your Starbucks or Timbits might be good for “the gram”… but Glasgow is packed with amazing independent coffee shops and bakeries. Go f*cking visit them!

Tip your server, your hairdresser, your taxi driver… It might just be the last tip they receive for a while.

Just do what you can to support the little guy. If you have too much of anything, then share it!

We simply need to rally around those who need our support the most. Be good to each other, take care and let’s ride this sh*t out together.

Brendan – I Love Glasgow


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