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Toothache Worthy Sweet Treats

Now that Irn-Bru have gone and ruined all the fun, we need to look elsewhere for our sugar fix. Thankfully, there are a number of...

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    Toothache Worthy Sweet Treats

    Now that Irn-Bru have gone and ruined all the fun, we need to look elsewhere for our sugar fix.
    Thankfully, there are a number of sugar-saviours doing the business in Glasgow.
    Just don’t forget to take a photo because these artworks are all truly worthy of spamming your mates with on social media.

    Here are seven of the best sweet treats to be had in Glasgow:

    Tantrum Doughnuts – 27 Old Dumbarton Road

    Tantrum Doughnuts
    Tantrum Doughnuts

    It’s simple really, Tantrum create the doughnuts of your childhood dreams. Without naming any KKnames, but you KKnow where we’re KKtalking about… well those particular ‘donuts’ don’t come close to the artistry that goes into the masterpieces that come out of Tantrum Doughnuts.

    Do yourself a favour, forget about mass-produced ‘donuts’ and treat yourself to something really worth queuing up for. They also have a new city centre joint opening soon, so more delicious doughnuts for everyone!

    Loop & Scoop – 665 Great Western Road

    Loop & Scoop
    Loop & Scoop

    Loop & Scoop is Glasgow and the UK’s first ice-cream and churro bar! Their signature dish of a glazed loop and handmade gelato is serious Instabait. Seriously, has anyone ever eaten one of these without taking a photo first?

    They also do filled churros and an ode to an old Glasgow favourite, the churro oyster! A tasty tribute the old school oyster you’d get from the van as a kid. This is sugar rush heaven, and you simply have to go try it for yourself… like, now!

    Coro The Chocolate Cafe – 241 Sauchiehall Street

    Coro - The Chocolate Cafe
    Coro – The Chocolate Cafe

    Pretty much exactly as it says on the tin – chocolate, chocolate, chocolate everywhere and on every thing! This is a chocoholic mecca with everything from fondue, to filled crepes and fresh waffles all smothered in the good stuff.

    Every dish is complete choco-indulgence on a plate, and almost always include something sweet, something creamy, something crunchy and all things utterly and delightfully sinful.

    Bing Soul – 90 Dumbarton Road

    Bing Soul
    Bing Soul

    We’ve seen all sorts of dessert cafes popping up in Glasgow. Normally of the warm cookiedough and ice-cream variety… which is no bad thing. But when Bing Soul opened last year, it really got people talking.

    With Glasgow’s ever-growing love of kimchi, it’s only right that we start to embrace another of Korea’s foodie exports, notably their quirky desserts.

    What you’re seeing above is their Oreo chocolate brownie bingsu! This is a fresh milk snowflake dessert with chocolate ice-cream, brownies, chocolate flakes, skooshy cream and a dusting of cocoa!

    This ain’t no stodgy British dessert, meaning you can eat twice as many!

    Chunk’s Ice-Cream – Platform at The Arches

    Chunk's Ice-Cream
    Chunk’s Ice-Cream Waffle

    Tacos? Awesome! Waffles? Awesome! Ice-Cream? Awesome! 

    Ice-cream waffle tacos are now a thing and quite frankly sound like a dream come true.

    The geniuses at Chunk’s have basically orchestrated the world’s greatest ever threesome. Chuck on some toasted marshmallows, maybe some crushed Oreos, or even a generous drizzle of hot fudge… just to add a touch of sweetness and you’re in sugar-rush nirvana!

    Steak, Cattle & Roll – 321 Sauchiehall Street

    Steak Cattle & Roll Fries
    Steak Cattle & Roll Fries

    Steak, Cattle & Roll sits somewhere between a classic American burger joint and complete Man vs Food inspired gluttony – which in our book, is a great place to be!

    You know the kind of food you attempt to make when you’re half-cut and ultimately fail miserably? Well that’s the kind of munch you’ll get at Steak, Cattle & Roll, except they don’t burn everything. This is food that comes in stacks, food that oozes, melts and drips down your arm, food that makes you swear your diet starts tomorrow.

    It’s damn tasty scran, served up in epic portions. Case in point, their s’mores fries! Sweet potato fries topped with maple syrup roasted marshmallow and candied bacon. Your taste buds are going to wonder wtf is going on – whilst you just keep going back for more.

    Rawnchy – Various

    Rawnchy Desserts
    Rawnchy Desserts

    Gluten-free, dairy-free and refined sugar-free… So yeah, doesn’t sound much fun does it?

    Well as it turns out, with a little bit of alchemy, Rawnchy create raw and vegan desserts to rival any of your favourite sweet treats.

    From their own take on Snickers bars, to white chocolate espresso cheesecake or cheezecake as Rawnchy call it; you can kill those sugar cravings with nothing but natural goodness.

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