Undercover Dinner Society

Undercover Dinner Society - Peterhead plaice
Undercover Dinner Society – Pop-up Restaurant

Some of you may have noticed a mysterious pop-up called ‘Undercover Dinner Society’ appearing on your social media feeds recently. Well, we caught up with the man behind Glasgow’s latest pop-up restaurant to find out more about their hotly anticipated launch.

  • When? 27th & 28th April
  • How much?: Six-course tasting menu – £30pp
  • Where? The Drugstore Social, 67 Old Dumbarton Rd, Glasgow G3 8RF, UK

So who’s behind the Undercover Dinner Society?

My name’s John Traynor and I’ve been a chef for over 10 years. I don’t currently work within the restaurant trade but still cook every day as part of my day job

What inspired you to launch a pop-up restaurant?

I wanted to be able to just cook my food, and see what reaction I would get. No-one to tell me you can’t or it’s not in keeping with the brand of the place you work.

How would you describe your style of cooking?

I don’t have a specific style. A big part of the pop-ups is to express yourself in cooking. The pop-ups will definitely get me thinking and who knows, I may find my style during a pop-up one day.

Undercover Dinner Society - Peterhead plaice
Peterhead plaice with black garlic purée

What else can people expect?

People can expect some different flavours, eye-catching presentation and fun. Such as our edible menus and gold cocktails!

What’s your favourite dish on the menu?

I really love the seaweed cured loch trout with sweet and sour cucumber.

Full Menu:

Undercover Dinner Society menu 

At the end of a long shift, what do you rustle up for yourself at home?

I have something easy when I am at home. Seawoo has some great tom yum noodles that are quick and easy.

What’s your favourite restaurant in Glasgow?

It’s hard to pick one, but my two favourites at the moment are Porter & Rye and The Gannet. (Check out what we thought about them in the Glasgow Restaurant Bible).

Describe one of your earliest food memories.

When I was 4 or 5, my family had gone fishing and someone caught a salmon. I remember happily eating away with just a squeeze of fresh lemon and salt.

Undercover Dinner Society - Unicorn Meringue
Unicorn meringue, passion fruit curd, raspberry, matcha

What are some of your favourite Scottish ingredients to work with?

I love working with Scottish seafood and game, we also have the best beef available.

What did you order when you last ate out?

I have a young family so it’s never anywhere fancy. I think it was some hot wings, a beef burger and ice-cream.

With limited spaces remaining at the Undercover Dinner Society, you’ll need to be quick. For reservations, click here.