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We are always looking for talented and passionate contributors to write fresh, unique and engaging guest contributions.

Why write for us at I Love Glasgow?

Promoting your blog with ILoveGlasgow.com means that you can build awareness and drive traffic to your website, showcasing your writing, photography and general awesomeness to the masses!

Write For Us – Guidelines:

We are happy to hear from anybody regarding guest blogging but your content must relate to Glasgow. If your blog is not accepted for an immediate feature please don’t be disheartened – we might be in touch with an idea that we think could better showcase your talent on ILoveGlasgow.com.

Da Rules:

  • Please send us original content. We don’t want to trick people into reading a post that they’ve already seen on your personal blog 3 months ago.
  • Provide pictures and/or video. If you’re submitting a blog then please include either your own photographs or at least one picture that you have permission to use.
  • You don’t have to be perfect. Write the way you feel comfortable, show off your personality and express the vibe of your blog in the content.
  • Your blog will be promoted with a link to your own blog or social media profile so that your work is acknowledged and our readers know where to find more of your kick-ass content.

What’s the first step?

Drop us a message outlining your cool, creative, captivating ideas and what you’d want to write about with a link to some of your work.